Friday, August 26, 2011

7 links

I have been tagged by two artists friends to do the 7 Links Project. Both Karla and Yasha have tagged me. This project gives you a chance to bring some of your older work to the forefront again and gives some new followers a chance to see them.

#1 Most beautiful post. This is one of my earlier paintings and still, to this day, it gets the most views over on Fine Art America. This is Flower & Butterfly, and it was painted back in Feb of 2010.

#2 Most popular post. I had to go back through my blog to find which one had the most response. Overwhelmingly it was True Natures Child. And I think it was more for the story than the painting itself, although they go hand-in-hand (foot-in-foot ??). 

#3 Most controversial post. I am not sure if this next one actually qualifies as controversial. It is a painting of a homeless person in NYC, and it's titled Rest Stop.

# 4 is most helpful. The only helpful posts I think I did was when I posted the Auction outcome, and my quest for finding a way to sell my art. Quite a few people wrote me to say they, too, were doing the same quest & they thanked me for writing about it. There are a few links: First, Second & Third blog post. There were no images on these posts, simply words.

#5 surprised success. This would have to be the Subway NYC painting I did that recently won in the Summer Streetview challenge/contest. I was so surprised when it won!

#6 Most proud of. (I changed the order here a bit). The painting I am most proud of is something I did some time ago. It is of my wedding items, all of which belonged to either my mother or my aunt. Both were at my wedding in spirit only as they were both deceased. But I chose to carry something from each of them, as a reminder of them, and out of respect. This is titled The Bride's Things.

#7 Not enough attention. I made this item last, as I have a few paintings to list here. These all got 0 or 1 comment only, and I thought they deserved a second look. They are some of my earliest works:

That is my 7 listings. Now I am suppose to name 7 fellow bloggers & tag them so they will do the same. Problem is that I am having trouble finding 7 artists who haven't been tagged already!

So any of you reading this, if you haven't been tagged to do the 7 links, then please consider yourself tagged & do this. It's a great way to get reacquainted with your own art.


AutumnLeaves said...

Gorgeous pieces, all of them!!

jill polsby said...

What fun to be recognized by your peers - to be tagged! Congratulations on all the hard work. It's paying off. And btw I absolutely adore the Superstitious Eyes painting!!

Virginia Floyd said...

I love seeing what you chose and why! I hadn't seen the Atomic Gas Station. I really like that red foliage and the pattern of the shadow beneath it!

dawn dandrew said...

Your work is beautiful!!!
I am interested in one piece in particular. Could you please contact me? Thank you! (


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