Monday, December 10, 2018


The NOEL wood block sign has sold, but PEACE and JOY are still available. Email me if interested!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


I am doing a few holiday/seasonal letter block paintings - the first one is NOEL. Winter in the Adirondacks is snowy - and it sticks to the trees as if it is icing. But here, one lone tree is decorated in it's holiday attire.

5 inches tall and 13 inches high - with sawtooth hanger on back. But these wooden block letters are thick enough to stand on their own, giving a great look on any shelf.

Email me if you are interested in this piece, or one that is similar!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sacandaga Park - SOLD

"Sacandaga Park"
12x24 acrylic on stretched canvas
Email me if interested in this piece

This is another painting done from a vintage postcard. This is the entrance to an area called "Sacandaga Park."

Sacandaga Park was once known as the Coney Island of the North (1880 - 1930) and was located across the river from the Village of Northville in NY state. Numerous hotels, Inns, cottages, sports events & amusements were available for those who made the trek for vacation. The history of the area is abundant! Unfortunately, most of the hotels & inns were destroyed (fire, water, changing times). As the times changed, and the people stopped visiting, the events & amusements ended. 

Some of the individual homes/cottages still exist today & are used every summer by families who pass these "camps" down to the next generation. 

For anyone interested in the history, here is one of many links that can found online:

And here is the original postcard image, postmarked 1906:

Thursday, August 23, 2018

LaGrange Road, Virgin Islands

"LaGrange Road" - St. Croix
9 x 12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

The Virtual Paintout is back!!!

I am happy, no thrilled, that the VPO monthly challenge is active again. It was one of my favorite challenges! For those of you not familiar with VPO - it is a monthly challenge using Google street maps to explore & paint from. Each month, a new location is chosen by Bill (VPO admin). As artists, we roam the location, traveling up/down streets. Choosing a location can be difficult - some areas, like this month's Virgin Islands, offers so many options! 

Here are the links for the Virtual Paintout:

And here is the link to the original Google maps location for this:

This painting coincides with my recent "finding" of a landscape artist on youTube. Love watching his videos - instructive & interesting. Although he paints in oils, I was able to adapt some of this techniques to work with acrylics. I've given the link to one of his video's - check him out. 

Link to one of the youtube videos of artist Michael James Smith:


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