Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Rosie - RIP

Like everyone, I am also struggling with the "new normal" due to the COVID-19 virus. I live in a populated area (just outside of NYC) and so we have many people, many confirmed cases, and unfortunately, many deaths. We live in quarantine, we food-shop with masks & gloves, and we "visit" with loved ones remotely. Heck, we even spray lysol on our mail deliveries!

I have been having difficulty painting during these times - seems my focus is not long sustained and I find my mind wandering often. Nothing like looking at your canvas & suddenly "waking up" to find you painted something but, wait, "what is that?" I keep dabbling with the brushes but nothing completed. Perhaps for another day, after all, every art show I had entered has been cancelled so nowhere for the pieces to go right now.

I spend my time taking walks and being out in the yard. Spring is starting (seasons wait for nothing). Flowers & plants are growing, some blooming already, and the birds are very active. It would all seem very normal -- except for the masks. I listen very little to the news as I find they repeat themselves often, sound dire often, and leave me feeling a bit depressed -- often.

But nothing prepared me for losing my Rosie Anne. She was only 8 (not old for a dachshund at all), and she became a very sick little girl very suddenly. Test after test revealed nothing concrete and the vets could only suggest one more test. Her list of symptoms grew with nothing making any sense. When we got the call at 4:30 in the morning, I knew it wasn't good news. She was having seizures, temperature shot up probably due to pain (she had been on antibiotics already). My husband & I made the necessary decision to set her free. The hospital felt it was encephalitis or possible a cancer in her brain.

So at 5 am on a cold, windy Saturday morning, we stood in a tent in the parking lot of the animal hospital, waiting to say good bye. We had masks, and gloves, and tears. When they rolled her stretcher out to us, she immediately started to whimper & wag her tail. She knew we were there - and that was what I had hoped for. Rosie had been a rescue and my biggest fear was that she was thinking she had been abandoned again - I did not want her to die alone with strangers.

Why the tent? Why the parking lot? Why my fears? Because the "new normal" prevents owners from being inside the animal hospital. When I brought her in 2 days earlier, they met me in the parking lot. They took Rosie with them & I got to sit in my car in the parking lot - the "new waiting room." I waited for over 2 hours for a vet to call me on my cell phone to advise what tests they would need to do. I waited another 1-1/2 hours before I got the results - which was, nothing conclusive.

When the end came we were still not able to enter the hospital, and so it was a tent, in the parking lot, where we said our good byes. It made the whole thing so surreal, and yet so real. A memory I will have forever, and the entire 3-day situation has left me feeling somewhat bewildered.

I am struggling a bit each day now - she was with me 24/7, so I feel like I'm missing a part of me. That's because I am. She was in our lives for less than 2 years but she managed to truly work her way deep into our hearts. I know every owner says that their dog is the sweetest -- but Rosie was indeed the sweetest dog I have ever known.

I believe we enter & leave different lives for reasons that aren't always apparent at first. I know she & I helped each other, I just understand (yet) why our time together was so short. Until we meet again, fly free sweet angel, love you always.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway
30x24 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Hi again! As many of you are aware, and I'm sure many of you are enduring, the pandemic of COVID-19. It is a trying time in many ways -- the disease itself as well as the changes to our way of life. Just going to the store for a "few things" has taken on new meaning. Yesterday I had to go to the post office. It was relatively quiet, with 1 person ahead of me and 1 behind. We all stood the obligatory 6 feet away from each other.

What isn't so apparent is the private stress that each of us are trying to handle on a day to day basis. My husband & I are in the "over 60" risk level and we are well-aware of the fact that every time we step out there, we risk coming in contact with this invisible enemy. Channeling this anxiety & stress into something positive is often easier said than done.

I have been struggling to paint during this time - I am having a hard time focusing. Or I should say, staying focused. I notice that my leg with bounce with the added energy in me while I'm sitting. I find it hard to 'turn off the tasks I need to get done out there" thoughts, even with music & paintbrush in hand. I find that doing manual labor is a bit easier to tackle, so I've been cleaning the yard (we're very early spring here) and cleaning the house -- the whole house! LOL   It dawned on me yesterday morning that spring is indeed happening and it is my favorite time of year -- it's the time of rebirth, new beginnings. But there is a strong chance of missing it because the mind is looking, worrying, stressing, planning elsewhere. And so, thankfully, my dog Rosie loves to take walks -- and we do that every single day. It helps.

This painting, "Stone Walkway" was done for an art show that is currently postponed. When the show will happen, I do not know. It is out-of-town for me and I may not be able to travel to deliver, but we'll see. For now, it hangs in my living room over the fireplace. One thing I am learning is to take things one day at a time.

Hope you are all doing well, are healthy & safe. Try not to let the stress of the world sit on your shoulders. I know, easier said than done - go for a walk, it really does help.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Been gone from the blog way too long!

Spring Path - 16x20 acrylic

I can not believe how long I've been away from my blog!! Time, Life, Things - all moved quickly and suddenly I see it's 2020!

I retired from my full-time job 2 years ago, and have been busy doing art. But also starting to clear out a house I have lived in since 1983. Wow, so much "stuff" we store in attics, closets, basements. Little by little I am reviewing things - then deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to donate & then what to simply toss in the trash. Hard work & anyone who has done it with their own things will tell you, it doesn't happen quick. I found cleaning out someone else's things much easier than my own!

My husband & I have been working on a house in the Adirondacks for quite a few years - taking it from cabin to home. We are just about done, and with luck, we will sell the old house & move to the country. That's been the plan all along! Fingers crossed.

So, enough on that subject. Artwork - I have not been too far away from it. This image shows one of my latest paintings, done for a show that will be active (hopefully) in April. This darn corona virus has been cancelling so many events.

The suggested theme for the show is "spring" and with winter going away (we never really had one here on the East Coast by me), I wanted to start seeing blooms & colors.

By the way, I discovered an online artist that I have been "studying" with - Michael James Smith. He shares much of his how-to's on youTube, as well as his own website. Here is a link to his video's on youTube - he is a landscape artist in England who does work in a realism style. I've learned quite a few things from him - enjoy.

And I will now try to blog more often!


Monday, December 10, 2018


The NOEL wood block sign has sold, but PEACE and JOY are still available. Email me if interested!


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