Sunday, May 3, 2015


6 x 12 acrylic on canvas panel
commissioned piece - NFS

This was a commissioned piece I did recently for a friend who wanted to surprise someone with a painting from a favorite vacation trip they had made. I could not post this until the gift was received. The feedback I just got was that "She LOVED it!"  Always makes me feel good when I can make someone happy that way. Both the gift-giver & recipient! 

Terlizzi is an area in Italy where the gift-recipient's family is from, and they visited the area not so long ago. They even visited the church where their ancestors were members. So the commission requirement was to do the streets of the area, but put the church's steeple in the background. She didn't want the church to be the only thing in the painting, but did want it's steeple visible in the background.

I roamed the area on Google maps & once we were able to nail down which church (Italy had a few churches, all with similar names), I was able to look around the correct neighborhood in the maps. Problem was, none of the google streets showed the church the way I needed it! Photoshop to the rescue. 

There was a term I once read about images pieced together to make a single painting - it was referred to as "Frankenstein" images. And that is what I did. I took other shots & scenes I found & put them together, added some flowers (the scene had some, but I added more) - and then added the church's steeple in the background. I sent the photoshopped image off to my client who loved it, and off I went painting it. I loved the shadows, the colors (I always find that images of Italy show lots of color), and of course the flowers. (my Italian grandparents loved to garden & I believe I have the same love of gardening because they taught it to me). And there sits the church's steeple, just down the block, standing tall above the street scene.


What a wonderful gift for someone, or even for yourself - a painting from a recent vacation -- of Italy or anywhere else in the world! Contact me if you'd like to commission a piece of a favorite memory. Whether it's from a single snapshot that you'd like to display, or a "Frankenstein" composition of some of your favorites - we can work together to make a wonderful final painting.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Door with Tree

"Door with Tree"
6 x 12 acrylic on canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is another in my series of entryways. I am fascinated by entryways - often so inviting. And I love to see how they are "decorated." And it goes beyond the color, or type of door - it's the stairs, the trim, the plantings. It seems to say so much about the home, the people, and it sets a mood right off the bat. 

This entryway is actually a closeup of a recent home portrait I did, "Blauvelt Drive." The home had 4 of these trees in the front - and they had the most interesting bark on them. I wanted to do a closeup of the trees & I loved how it flanked the door. Only 1 tree in this scene to keep the balance of the composition.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bhutan Stream

"Bhutan Stream"
9x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

The location is this months VPO visit to Bhutan - a small country near India & Bangladesh. When I searched on the country's name for a bit of history I found it was listed as part of Pakistan, so I'm not really sure who owns this piece of land.

The area is mapped, but not wide range. There are some interesting things to see - particularly the prayer flags that seem to be abundant - but beyond them is a great deal of landscape & vegetation. I wanted to capture that - and I could never ignore a scene with water in it! Found this while crossing a bridge -- you can see the original link here. Of course I took liberties with the colors!

I haven't been posting new work of late, but I have been painting them. Since some are commissioned pieces being done for a specific gift, I can not post the photos of the work until the gifts have been given!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Blauvelt Drive

"Blauvelt Drive" - NFS
9x12 acrylic on canvas board

Here is another home portrait done recently. The photo I was given was of the current early spring season, but I chose to sort of combine Spring & Summer in this. If I had done Summer, the 4 trees in the front would have been filled with leaves - making the house very hard to see. If I had done only Spring, then all the background trees would have been trunks & branches - making all of the scene a mass of brown lines. By blending the seasons, the front 4 trees stand out. 

They are wonderful trees with very rustic branches & tree trunks. I have a close up view of one of the trees & the front door that I plan to paint as a 6x12. That one is not commissioned, so it will be a painting that will be part of my "Entryway Series." 


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