Thursday, August 16, 2018


Glads is a 16x20 acrylic painting on stretched canvas - and it is not new. The original version of this painting was done in 2012. But I was never really happy with it, it just didn't work for me. And 6 years ago, my painting technique & style differed. This sat in my studio all this time, never shown or even looked at! But yesterday I decided it was time for it to either "get better" or "get out." And so a re-do was in order.

I belong to a Facebook group of artists (actually, I belong to quite a few) - but this one is Painters helping Painters. So I posted the original image & simply said "what would you do to make this better?" Then I listened.

Here's the original image:

There were things I liked, but there was a lot I did not like. And 2 major things stood out: no focal point so everything was vying for attention and all the colors were the same intensity, making it way to vibrant.

So I chose to bring all the flowers into the same color family, and used various washes to create some depth in the bunch. I toned down some of the greens as well.

The end result is a much more cohesive group of Gladioli flowers, and the eye can travel around the scene without it jumping into the viewers face!

I like it enough that it's off to the gallery this weekend for the next rotation. From closet to gallery in a few days - love it. Not all re-do's work out, but what a great learning experience to rework some of your older pieces.

Monday, August 13, 2018


I'm still working on the letter art, but I've changed from doing single letters to smaller acronyms. This is the first in the series.

While I was painting one of the larger canvas letters, someone asked if I could do smaller ones. I thought about it - given the fact that I was painting numerous small paintings on 1 large letter, I thought that doing the same thing on a smaller letter would prove to be quite tedious. But then I thought "why not do 1 single scene across a few letters!"

Then my search for letters began. I didn't want small, thin letters. I wanted chunky letters - letters with enough surface to have a scene show. I had no idea how many shapes, sizes, materials, designs that letters could be made into! Well, actually, I did, but I wanted something that was (a) not too expensive and (b) stood out well - or maybe just stood!

I found some block letters on Etsy - they are reproductions of old hot metal forms that were used in the Printing industry. I originally thought to use some vintage letters, but - they are all backwards! It was what was needed to produce the type in our normal reading format. These reproductions work perfectly! Standing 5 inches tall, are actually raised letters on a 3/4 inch thick block of wood. Perfect - so I ordered 3 letters to try. I wasn't sure how well the paint would adhere (it adheres perfectly), and I will seal it when done.

ADK (which is the acronym for Adirondacks) are 3 separate letters - but I will adhere them together to make a single block - 5 inches high & roughly 11-1/2 wide. It can stand on it's own, but I will also make it so it can be hung.

I can't wait for the next set of letters to arrive and to paint a different scene!

Monday, July 2, 2018

E is for...

"E is for ....." 
image wraps on 3-1/2 inch sides
Either Front or Back can be displayed
Email if interested

Next in the "letter" series is the letter "E" - a bright blue E adorned with Echinacea (purple coneflowers), Evening Primrose in their creamy, buttery yellow, a bit of white Elderflower & the rose/pinks of Eustoma. A bit of the English Ivy adds the needed green foliage. And finally, a pair of butterflies - not an "E" item but still, I wanted to add them. The 2 images show both the Front and Back of the letter. 

These letters are 12 inches tall, approx 8 inches wide & have a depth of 3-1/2 inches. They are canvas wrapped to styrofoam - making them very lightweight. They have a loop at the top so they can be hung, but are stable enough to sit on any shelf or flat surface. 

I have both the "F" and "G" setting up, but may hold off painting them until August when I will be working "live" at the SVAN Gift/Gallery shop in NY state. I will be participating in the annual "Art Trails" - a self-guided tour of the artist studios in the area of Northville, NY - and I will be 1 of 3 artists at the gallery location. The letters may be a good option for in-person painting, especially since I will be outdoors. Just hoping we don't have the heat wave that we are currently experiencing!

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Woodland Road

"Woodland Road"
10x20 acrylic on stretched canvas
Available through DPW gallery

I like to collect postcards and have done so since I was a child. They fascinate me - small glimpses into another place, another world. I have a box of them and there are times when I like to open the box & look through. Some are blank & unused, while others have handwritten notes from people I knew - some are long gone & it's a delight to see their handwriting again. 

Upstate in the Adirondacks, there are literally hundreds of small towns, villages & homesteads scattered about some of the most scenic areas. Taking a drive can literally make the world, and it's tensions, melt away. Many of these scenes & areas have been captured in postcards - and this painting was inspired by 1 such postcard from 1909 (pictured below). 

The captions on it are: "On the Fonda, Johnstown & Gloversville R.R." and also "Woodland Road, Sacandaga, N.Y." I chose to add shadows that the original postcard did not have, as I thought the road was a bit too "much" for the scene. I wanted the viewer to think they were on that road, and not just looking at a picture of a road. I hope I captured that moment.

If you are interested in the history of the Adirondacks, and the 6 million acres in the Adirondack Park (yes, 6 million acres), you can read & learn more from this link.

I have collected many vintage postcards from the area, as it is rich with history & stories. And the scenes don't look too bad either! 


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