Thursday, October 23, 2014

RGB View

"RGB View"
9x12 acrylic on linen board
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is another painting done for this month's VPO visit to County Kerry Ireland. I went a little bit crazy with the color compared to the original -- here's the link to the Google map street view. But, I was inspired!

RGB - Red, Green & Blue - pretty much sums up the color palette to this (although there is yellow as well). But the RGB colors dominate. And the more I painted & tweaked, the more pronounced those colors became! Actually, I used Red Oxide, Burnt Sienna & some Quinacridone Red-Orange in that foreground (along with Cad Yellow Light & Indian Yellow). I also added touches of these colors to the far hills to help tie it together. Added some Olive Green mixed with cad Yellow Light to those far hills to give a cooler tone to them (and there are subtle bits of that green mix in the foreground as well). Ireland is known for it's rolling green hills and I wanted to be sure they were present. 

And the sky - what can I say. I went crazy with the clouds! LOL

(There is a part of my brain right now, that says a roundish bush in the bottom left corner is needed for balance. I'm not sure that voice is correct, so I will stare at it a bit tonight. I think it is done - we'll see who is correct in the morning - me or my inner voice!)

I had fun visiting County Kerry Ireland, but I need to switch gears now. I have an idea for my next Mini-Master-Piece -- time to sketch!


Ok, I played in Photoshop a bit with this (I do that often to try on different ideas before I put paint on canvas). Here's a photo of a possible change - no bush, but maybe some sprays of small yellow/green flowers in the foreground? It totally does change the painting - but for the better? What do you think? Should I make the change for real or leave it as is above?

Monday, October 20, 2014


9x12 acrylic on linen board
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This month the VPO is visiting County Kerry in Ireland. It is a wide area to explore and offers landscapes, cityscapes & architecture galore. Because I've been focusing on architecture so much, I decided to take a break from the lines & have fun with a landscape. And since I worked with the "blues" this past weekend with my Starry Night variation, I continued working with them on this. The original Google street view can be seen by clicking here.

The funny thing was, I had this finished yesterday. But, as my rule of thumb is now, all my paintings are finished twice -- meaning, whenever I say it is done I need to wait a day or so. Look at it, change things, then call it finished again! The second time is usually the charm - and without that revisit the next day, the painting would be missing some added shadows & details.

Interestingly, tonight I was listening to a recorded webinar from the past weekend (I missed the live broadcast). This was through Improve My Paintings and given by Johannes Vloothuis. You can find some of his webinars & work classes through this link.

While I was listening I was studying my "finished" painting from yesterday. And suddenly I had brush in hand and started adjusting things. Adding items to break up lines, and adding lines to bring the eye from foreground to background. What he was reviewing I was applying to the painting I was working on! What a fun experience! 

I have a second painting started for this VPO in Ireland and should be able to post it in the next day or so. It too is finished for the first time - now to finish it for the second time while listening to the second 1/2 of Johannes webinar!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

MMP Series #2 - Van Gogh's Starry Night

6x6 acrylic on stretched canvas
image wraps on 1-1/2 inch sides
available via DPW auction click here

My first artist "love" was Vincent Van Gogh, and to this day, he is still one of my most admired artists. Hi explosion of color, rough brush strokes (not smooth like realistic painters), and the energy he gave his works -- all captured my young mind. I had wanted to paint just like Vincent! 

Of course, my style is not near the same, but I can not help but wonder "how does one paint that way?" So it made total sense that I would pick one of his works, and one of his most popular & famous pieces - Starry Night - to do in my MMP series. Although there are other Van Gogh's works that I love - it was this one that I first saw and fell in love with many years ago.

Again I have to say I am amazed by the amount of color in his work - when you squint & study the areas of his works, you find colors present that you never would have though would be there! But the eyes combine them & make it blend wonderfully.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MMP series #1 - Monet's A Woman in a Garden

6x6 acrylic on stretched canvas
image wraps on 1-1/2 inch sides

This is the first of a series I have been meaning to do for quite some time - the Mini Master Pieces. MMP as I've nicknamed it, are small pieces of some of my favorite master artists works. I did this mini painting quite some time ago, and filed it in the back of my mind as a great start to a mini series where, rather than attempt to paint the entire image, I would focus on certain areas of some of the master's works that I love.

This piece is from Claude Monet's "A Woman in a Garden" painting, circa 1867, which is captioned as "a study on the effect of sunlight & shadow on colour." Here is a photo of the full original:

My rendition was, by no means, easy! I chose to focus on the center tree and the mounds of red flowers beneath it. Quite a challenge, but it taught me much on color next to color. And also the subtle differences that light does to the color of receding items. 

I had the pleasure of seeing this painting in person, many years ago in my college days. I had visited an impressionistic exhibit at the Whitney Museum in NY. I found the exhibit mildly interesting until I saw this one painting on a wall. I don't remember a single other painting from that day except for this one. I must have stood in front of it for a good 1/2 hour, just studying it. Photographs do not fully capture the light, the color & the shadows as he handled them. A wonderful piece of art! So it's no wonder that I chose to do a piece of this masterpiece. This proudly hangs on my wall in my studio - and never have I walked past it without smiling!

I am not sure how often I will add to this collection - I am hoping to continue with these mini's for quite some time. I have a lot of favorite artists & a lot of favorite works!


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