Sunday, August 7, 2011

DPW Auctions outcome

I thought I would update you on the latest status of using the DPW Paintworks auctions. I signed up for this about a week ago and decided to put a few paintings up for sale. I chose a mix of landscape, still life & animal paintings to "test the waters" - so to speak.

The website is relatively easy to use and ample tools exist to monitor the activity on your auctions. There had been a bit of interest (I could tell from the # of visitors on the stats) so I felt encouraged. I did notice that when I had the paintings at the higher price, they did not get as many visitors as when I had lowered the price. Right now I have a few paintings online and have them priced at $30.

After a week I can report that 1 painting, my still life of stacked books, has ended with a winning bid. I waited until payment was made before I told anyone, online or in person, about the sale. I had a knawing feeling that the sale would go south before it was over. Turns out that this sale did occur!

However, 1 other painting of mine, a landscape from the last VPO paintout challenge called "Jersey Path" has gone down a rockier path. It had a single bid on it almost as soon as it was listed, however, I was just notified this morning that the bidder has since retracted their bid. It's not a reflection on the art, so I'm told, but still, it feels bad when a sale gets cancelled. I will let it finish out it's auction cycle (it ends today) but I won't relist it - at least not for awhile.

I did now list the "Here Kitty" which is a painting done for one of the DPW challenges, as well as "On the Cob" which is the ear of corn, also done for a DPW challenge. I will see how these go.

All in all, it was a fairly active single week on the auctions. I will continue with DPW auctions for a while, especially since the 1 sale has covered my monthly cost of being on the site.

I will keep you all posted as to how things go.


Angela said...

Hi Nan, Just a bit of encouragement from someone who cares. I too listed on DPW auctions and have sold three last week. I am a bit encouraged yet still have that nagging we will see attitude. Keep listing as I am sure it will pay off in the future. People shouldn't bid if not serious. Love your paintings by the way.

Nan Johnson said...

Angela, bless your good heart, thank you for your words of encouragement. I'd like to think that, in these economic times, that the retracted bid was maybe from someone who really didn't have the money to spend rather than someone who didn't really like the painting. I will keep listing - still trying to get a feel for what the people like enough to buy! Thank you again!

NMG's art said...

You have got to be encouraged, there have to be lots of pictures for someone to choose from at this site. To be found, and make a sale within the first week, can't be common. Keep painting as you are just getting better and better. It will come together.

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you Nelvia for your encouragement. I do feel a bit surprised at the quick sale (not complaining at all!) and honored that one of my pieces "spoke" to someone. That's what I call it, art has to "speak" to a person for them to want to own it. Just like it "speaks" to the artist when they create it. Thank you again!


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