Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Swan

"The Swan"
22x28 acrylic on stretched canvas
gallery wrapped sides with image continued
Email me if interested in this painting

This past weekend was my annual Art in the Park show here in New Jersey. As I mentioned, this year it was all about the birds. And this painting was my centerpiece of my display - sorry, I could not post it sooner as it was down to the wire to get it sealed & wired for hanging! Plus I came down with some god-awful bug - Murphy's law isn't it? 

This painting is from a wonderful reference photo from Russ Bridges - I've worked with a few of his wonderful photos. This one just caught my eye & thought it would make a great, larger painting. It definitely gets attention, and with the afternoon sun hitting the painting, the water & reflections actually sparkled! Here's a photo from my show, and my display:

The weather was perfect (although a bit chilly at 48 degrees in the morning when we did setup). But the sun was out, beautiful blue skies, and my large coffee kept me going! The judges seemed interested, but alas, no award. Those in charge asked for suggestions to improve things -- at the end of the show I reached out to them & suggested that they split Acrylic & Oils into 2 separate categories. There are ample artists for each, and with 4 monetary awards per category, they are now always split 2 and 2. They thanked me and said it would be discussed for future shows. The 2 mediums are so different, I just can't imagine a judge doing a comparison for a prize! 

Had a wonderful day - and will probably do the show again next year. None of the paintings have sold (so far), so if you are interested in any, let me know. Also, I have cards available (those did sell rather well). 

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