Monday, May 9, 2016

Magnolia Tree Home

"Magnolia Tree Home" - NFS
9x12 acrylic on canvas board

This is a new commissioned home portrait, just finished. This wonderful family home is located in Michigan. The client asked for the home to feature both the house, but also the grounds as well as the Magnolia tree in the yard. Normally the Magnolias are bloomed & gone by the time the rest of the yard does it full summer show, but it was important to the client that the Magnolia was visible.

This is their family home which the mother recently had to sell recently. The daughter is giving the painting to her mother as a gift. She loves the painting! (and I was pretty happy with the outcome also).

Artists Note:
Painting bricks can be quite tedious. Sometimes I give only subtle indications of the bricks, but sometimes the brick is such a major feature of the home (such as on this one) that I need to make them more pronounced. Here's my method (although I am sure there are others)
1) Paint the entire house the color of the grout (the lines that show between the bricks)
2) Using a see-through ruler, draw lightly with pencil the lines for each row of bricks. This will ensure that the bricks on both sides of the doors & windows will line up.
3) In this case, I used a small square brush to paint my bricks. The top of every brick touched a pencil line mark, the bottom of the brick stopped short of the next pencil line. You can work top down, or bottom up - but be consistent with your brick sizes as much as possible. Alternate brick colors to break up the overall wall look.
4) vertical lines of grout between the bricks are staggered from row to row so that no two rows have identically placed vertical grout lines
5) final touchups of all grout lines is then done.

Always take note of any special brick designs done to the house. In this case, the smaller bricks done across the top of the windows. On a different house portrait I did, the bricks did not go to the ground but stopped short a few feet from the ground - however, the final bottom row of bricks were vertical & not horizontal. Missing that small feature would have been noticeable to the client!

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