Thursday, October 2, 2014

At Peak

An update: Thank you from all who gave critiques. I incorporated some/all into the changes, plus added a bit of my own. A bit of shading, a bit of refinement, some scattering of darker leaves on the left, some shadows & lastly, some branches in the trees. It has even been named "At Peak." I'm pretty happy with this one. Next is signature & then seal it. This one will be in the show this weekend!

This is the larger painting I've been working on for quite a few days now. It measures 22 x 28 and is on a stretched canvas (1/2 in sides, image continues on all 4 sides).

I am not declaring this done - not at all. I see flaws here, there, and over there. I will work more with the bridge supports, the underside of the bridge roof, and highlights/shadows everywhere (my weak point is always the lightest-lights and darkest-darks, I know this).

The question I keep asking myself is "is it good enough to put in the show." Ah, the pressure!!

And, to boot, I don't have a title for it!

Critique & suggestions welcomed! Thank you!


Sea Dean said...

I love it so don't fiddle too much. Very slight corrections. The third fourth and fifth holes in the bridge wall make brightest. The road make darkest. Pull the leaves at the top a bit more over the top. That's it!!! Title - Safe passage - The kissing bridge (don't know where that came from but it's cool) - Sunshine Bridge - Crossing Over was the first to come to mind but I nixed it. :)

Nancy Goldman said...

This is really beautiful Nan. Covered bridges always bring a sense of nostalgia to me and I'm not even from the east coast.
The only change I would like to see is to have some of the back end of the bridge peeking through the foliage. When I was looking at the small picture of it, it looked like the bridge was cut off half way through. You've rendered the bridge beautifully and your perspective looks great! Also, I like the bright light peeking through the trees.

CrimsonLeaves said...

So pretty and I do love the autumn leaves!! I'd call it Bridge Over Troubled Waters...LoL

Pandalana Williams said...

The colors are beautiful!


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