Wednesday, October 1, 2014

2014 Art in the Park


Saturday, October 11, 2014
(rain date Sunday, October 12, 2014)
11am - 3:30pm 

I am participating in the Art in the Park show again this year. Those of you who follow my blog, know that I participated last year also. Here is a link to my blog post from the last show.

I learned a few things last time that I am planning to do this time - and I'll be doing a few things differently. (and probably skipping a few things too).

First, I am staying with one genre this time - architectural. I plan on combining some paintings from last year along with some new ones. But all will center around architecture & buildings. 

I am also framing all paintings except for those on gallery wrapped canvas. Those have the paintings continued on all 4 sides, making it unnecessary to frame them. (but they can be framed if a buyer so chooses to have it done). The bulk of the paintings are my 9x12 canvas sheets, which I have matted & framed for the show. 

I am adding 3 of my tall-thin paintings that are 6x12 - all of entryways. I have those mounted on hardboard & framed. I found floating black frames on sale (1/2 price at Michaels) - they were intended to hold 3 small photographs each, however, when I removed the cut out mat, I found the frame size a perfect 6x12. Each entryway painting sits perfectly in the grooves (glass has been removed). Here's a photo of them framed (excuse the angle & lighting, this was a quick shot on the easel). I love how they look, and I will probably do more of this series sometime after the show:

I also decided to offer inexpensive matted prints of some of my paintings (architectural & also landscapes). Simple 5x7 good-quality laser prints, matted to 8x10 - perfect to buy & frame as you wish. All are prints of signed original paintings - and I have each print available in either a black or white mat. 

Any of you in the Paramus, NJ area that weekend, please stop by. I will be 1 of 100 artists at the show (pray for good weather please). And if any of you would like any of these 8x10 prints, please let me know - and if you have a specific painting of mine that you'd like in the smaller size, let me know which one!


Sea Dean said...

Everything looks great Nan. I'm sure you'll do well. Interestingly I've seen quite a few things lately that say cityscape and buildings do better in cities and suburbs. Of course landscape, farm, horses etc. in the country. Your 6 x 12 are lovely framed. Funnily enough (but not unusual with us) I purchased some 6 x 12 and 6 x 16 canvases today and I've never seen that size here before. Thanks for the Michaels tip.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Wishing you an extremely successful weekend, Nancie!! Good luck!

Mary said...

I hope your show goes swimmingly, Nan--your architectural works are lovely. These 6 X 12 entries are captivating and original. I am also drawn to your wonderful barn paintings as I browse your blog. So glad to have found you (via your comment on Nan Johnson's blog).

Mary said...

Whoops, Nan--I meant to say I found your blog via your comment on Debbie Nolan's blog. Think my brain is tiring of the computer, though blog surfing has been great fun.


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