Sunday, October 12, 2014

Art in the Park 2014

A great day! Art in the Park was a busy mecca of artists, music & fun. I honestly did not sit down once from 9am until 4pm when it ended. And then, I only sat down in the car when it was time to drive to home. Needless to say, I'm exhausted!

Although nothing sold, there was a great deal of interest in my home portraits - I ran out of brochures! And I gave out the history of everything I painted, where it was, & when it was (some of the homes date back to 1934).

Some of the prints did sell and I will probably take the balance to the art gallery next weekend & put them on display/sale there. These smaller 8x10 matted prints make a great gift at the holiday.

It has been alot of work to pull this show together and I'm glad I did it. But I"m glad it's over - now I can maybe get a few things in order. And deciding what to paint next -- I may take a break from architecture. Unless, of course, some commissions come in from the show!

One note to remember: people love (a) pop of color and (b) shadows. 


Sea Dean said...

I'm sure those commissions will roll in. Great tip about the colour and shadows. Now have a good rest and recharge. Well done you.

Jane said...

What a great show of paintings ! I did a street show a week ago too , and as you said....just exhausting !

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love your display with all its bright and beautiful colors. This is so very eye-catching!


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