Sunday, November 11, 2012

Engulfed - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas on Hardbord
Available through DPW gallery/auction

The title was the only word that came to mind as I stared at this. It was as if the trees & shrubs completely engulfed the small building. I've always said that Mother Nature will take back the land if it is left untouched long enough. Id really doesn't take very long for the branches & leaves to grow & spread around a building, until it is engulfed. 

Below is an example of what I am talking about. This photo is the skeleton of a log home, only a few walls left and the chimney. It was a victim of a fire only 3 years ago (no one was injured). It was put up for sale, as is, with the hope that someone would purchase it for the land (that is just what happened this past summer). But last fall, when I took a walk/hike over to the building, I found that the vines had completed engulfed it - much the same as flames had done. I would like to paint one of these, but I haven't figured out how best to show them in a painting. The photographs seems to tell the story so well.

Prints of these images are available through my Fine Art America site - link for it is on the right hand side of my blog

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CrimsonLeaves said...

This painting is just beautiful, Nan! I love the depth you've got in your trees and bushes (I thought it was a photograph at first) and the color of the road is spot on perfection. Also love the photographs of the cabin, or what is left of it. I've always loved the vine covered homes, though I've heard that it is not good for them to be covered in vines.

Great idea to sell prints of your photos on your selling site too.


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