Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

Acrylic on 8x10 Stretched Canvas
Image continued on all 4 sides
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This was done previously in April of this year for Paint & Draw Together challenge. The previous post can be found here.

And unlike all my previous paintings, which are done on canvas or linen sheet - this painting is done on stretched canvas with sides painted. I have decided to start working more with stretched canvas's again - something I did originally but got away from some time ago. Partly due to the expense (canvas sheets are much more economical in price) and partly due to space restrictions (canvas sheets take up much less room to store).

I recently had an inquiry about one of my paintings in regards to the canvas sheet, and how it would need to be handled to hang. Canvas sheets, like linen sheets, are sold in booklets. They are primed and ready to paint surfaces that are very much the same as the canvas/linen sheets that are adhered to stretcher bars and solid board surfaces. But unlike the stretched canvas's and solid boards, they are somewhat flexible and flimsy. They require mounting of some sort (I usually mat them) and then framed. Most of mine are matted & framed, similar to watercolors. However, since I work with acrylics, these are not framed behind glass (acrylic paints should never touch glass).

The person who inquired about the canvas sheets I used did not purchase a painting, although she did say that she had a fondness for one of my pieces. This got me to wondering whether the base that a painting is done on affects its demand, desire or marketability. Do the purchasers of original paintings prefer one type of base over another, and would it affect their desire to purchase something, if the painting was not on the substrate of their preference.

I have to admit that it is nice to have a painting on stretched canvas, especially with the image extending on the 4 sides. These can be framed (or mat & framed), or simply hung as is. And if they are thick enough, they could be stood on a shelf or table. So I've decided to offer for sale a few of the paintings I have done on stretched canvas's - and also to create more of them.

First up for sale is this little piece of the two cherries. The background is a bright green to contrast with the 2 cherries - and the image does continue on all 4 sides. Size of this piece is 8x10, with 3/4-inch sides.


martinealison said...

Une toile adorable que celle de ces cerises...
J'ai lu avec beaucoup d'intérêt ta publication, malgré que mon anglais soit "bad"!
En ce qui me concerne, je travaille sur des toiles de lin format 50 x 50 cm ou 80 x 80 cm. Ces toiles, à ma demande, sont enduites de 6 couches de gesso au lieu de 2 ou 3 comme souvent on les trouve dans le commerce. Entre chaque couche la toile est passée sous un rouleau compresseur afin de bien écraser les fibres. Les châssis sont en bois très sec afin que celui-ci ne se déforme pas. Il comporte des clefs que je donne aux clients, car elles sont franchement inutiles. C'est surtout au cas où il y aurait un problème dans le temps, mais je n'ai jamais rencontré un souci quelconque.
J'avoue que lorsque j'explique cela aux clients cela les réconforte dans leur décision d'achat. Bien évidemment tout cela est un détail, me diriez-vous par rapport au fait d'avoir un coup de coeur pour un tableau. Mais tout de même, les gens n'hésitent pas à vous demander si votre peinture c'est de l'huile ou de l'acrylique... etc. Vous me comprenez.
Je vous fais de gros bisous

Nan Johnson said...

@ martinealison - Bonjour. Mon français n'est pas bon, mais j'essaie d'utiliser un traducteur pour écrire. J'ai aimé votre explication de vos peintures et ce que vous peindre. Votre travail est si beau, je pense que les gens en profiteraient si vous avez peint sur ​​une boîte en carton! Merci et bien à vous concerne!

Anonymous said...

I've wondered on this issues as well. By the way, Nan, I hadn't noticed those gorgeous subtle colors in the stems before. Thanks for reposting this! I don't paint in oils often but when I do, I have found that I really like painting on gesso'd masonite.

Virginia Floyd said...

Lovely painting! I like how the cherry extends around the side of the canvas.

Nancy Goldman said...

Nice painting Nancie. I love the graphic quality of your shadows and colors. I don't remember seeing this one before. I do like paintngs on the gallery wrapped canvases with the sides painted. It gives more options for displaying them. I like mounting them in the front of floater frames (from king of frames). Those frames are really intended for paintings done on flat panels but I like the extra dimension given by these 3/4" gallery wrapped paintings.

Angela said...

Nan, I love these cherries and even better that they wrap around.


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