Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Blue Jean Frog - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
SOLD - prints available through Fine Art America

The Blue Jean Frog is part of the Poison Dart Frog family out of Costa Rica. I found a link to some information about this frog here. Seems they are quite prevalent in Costa Rica and come in an assortment of markings.

This painting was originally done back in July of 2010 and was created for a challenge called Windows to the Words. The challenge has since ceased, but there were quite a few great references to paint from during it's active time. This was one of them - I just loved the colors! Who could resist all that red - and then the electric blue!

Blue Jean Frog is now available through my DPW gallery.


padmaja said...

I have never seen such a colorful frog in my life.. actually I hated to cut them in my biology class.. but I adore this one.. irresistible colors!

Irina said...

I realized I want to kiss it, maybe the frog will turn into my dream-prince?
So juicy and sunny, I like it.

Angela said...

Love love love frogs. They are so cute. Your painting is beautiful. Love the bold colors....


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