Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Peaches in a Row - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
SOLD - prints available through Fine Art America

Another of my older paintings, and one of my personal favorites. This one goes back to October of 2010 and was done for the challenge "In the Moment." That challenge is no longer active, but it was geared around producing work that followed a theme for a given month. That particular month, the theme was "labor" - and Margaret Bednar (who ran the challenge) invited photographs & paintings to be submitted. This particular image was one of the photographs that was submitted for that month & I asked permission to paint it. I loved the angles and the various colors & shapes - also the various hints of reflections.

The original blog has been changed and is called "A Moment in Time" and I've given a link to access it - Margaret does wonderful photography and her blog is definitely worth a look.

Peaches in a Row is going up on my DPW gallery & is available through auction.


AutumnLeaves said...


Virginia Floyd said...

Really wonderful, Nan! Everywhere I look in this painting I find something I admire. The lids are beautiful. All that color in such a simple thing as a lid! Then the way you painted the peaches with shapes of color, with the two center jars being the brightest. The bright red reflections in the jars, the purple shadows, the light reflected on the jars and lids!

I think you should paint this really really big!

Carrie'sCreations said...

Hi Nan, I love this! I was immediately drawn to this painting because I've been doing a series of mason jar paintings! I just love your painting! I've been painting mine empty but have been wanting to do some filled! Just love everything about this, Nan:)

padmaja said...

It looks fabulous with the spirit of freedom you took to paint them.. very loose and stylish!


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