Monday, August 29, 2011


Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction 

Peonies are such wonderful flowers. So full, so delicate, and some smell so terrific. This is my submission to the latest Rookie Painter challenge. White flowers - always a challenge. And yet, I love to paint them because there is so much "color" in them - it gives me a chance to get creative.

I have peonies in my upstate garden. One red, one pink and one white. They grow to different sizes but they all tend to bloom at the same time. And what a show they put on. This ball of delicate petals that is larger than your hand. Wonderful flowers!

And it amazes me that they die back every fall, all the way to the ground. Then return in the early spring, sending up shoots before any of the other plants have started. They grow quickly & before you know it, you can count the buds on the plant. Watching & waiting, staring at the buds each day until poof - perfect bloom. I stake them as they tend to grow tall, and a strong rain & cause them to break off, or destroy the bloom & petals. Once the blooms are done though, the plant is just green until the fall when it dies back.

A very hardy plant & quite durable. I recommend them to anyone to plant & grow. The blooms are so worth it!


AutumnLeaves said...

Hi Nancie! This is a truly gorgeous painting and I think you've done an exquisite and oh so clean job of painting these white beauties. I remember peonies being a friend of my mom's favorite flower. I can see why with your piece here. You are just such an awesome artist!

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Love the way you gave the peonies an iridescent look with the subtle colors on white.

Barbara said...

I love peonies. I love the way they look and the way they smell. They are one flower that just absolutely won't grow in sunny dry Southern California, but I get them from the florists in April. And there's always pictures.


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