Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cityscape in Rectangles

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction 

This is my submission for the DPW challenge - The Rectangle challenge. This week we were instructed to paint a scene, any type of scene, using only rectangles. And to make each rectangle a different value/tone/color. This is much harder to do than it sounds!

This is not my first attempt at this challenge. My previous attempt was a landscape scene that had far too many items in it to be able to do the rectangles and have it look like anything. I needed to simplify things a bit. So I thought for a few days and realized that I kept coming back to the city buildings - which are all rectangles to me anyway. So why not paint them in the rectangle challenge! Everything is a rectangle (even a rule is technically a rectangle) except for one thing. Can you spot it? The arched pole for the street light. The photograph that inspired this is from the Wet Canvas library and is part of Elaine's (Noodle1) photos. All photos in the library are free to use, and I thank Elaine for her great shot of NYC.

This was an interesting challenge, and it definitely made me work at it. The end result is a sort of abstract, modern-like painting that I have sort of fallen for.


jill polsby said...

Phenom! Week after week you hit the challenge nail on the head.
Rectangles...............I would have had not one idea what they were talking about and here you've goine and painting a fabulous painting!! Congrats from your partner in crime in 'California. keep up the fantastic work!!

padmaja said...

The city scape suits well for this brush technique,, I liked the way you wisely combined the light and dark values of blue.. lovely!

AutumnLeaves said...

For some reason this post just popped up on my blog roll. That is weird that it didn't show up until this morning. Anyway, I love what you decided to do for this challenge, Nancie. This is pretty awesome and I like the way you think!

Viviane said...

Well done Nan ! These skyscrapers are beautiful in blue rectangles!
I really like this style. Bravo !

Angela said...

I love the overall view of this. The rectangles just add so much interest.


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