Sunday, April 24, 2011

Snow Trees

Seems odd that on Easter weekend I would paint a snow scene! But I did this for 2 reasons. First, I've had this sketched for quite some time, waiting for a moment to paint it. And Second, I spent Easter weekend in the Adirondacks of NY state, and Saturday morning we awoke to find 1 inch of snow had fallen!

The temperatures during the day warmed up just enough to change the snow to rain somewhere around late morning, and the rain eventually melted the snow. But for a short time, it looked more like November than April!

This is a rendition of an image that was posted on the Wet Canvas Landscape challenge some months ago, and like I said, I had sketched it back then with every intention of painting it for that month. I don't recall what delayed me on this, but I would venture to guess that we had so much snow this past winter that I just couldn't paint a snow scene. Now, with the snow gone & the flowers coming up, well, I thought it was safe to do so. The superstitious side of me worried that "if I paint it, it will snow" would indeed happen!

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


martinealison said...

Une belle manière de traduire votre week-end pascal qui ressemble beaucoup aux peintures de noël!
Ceci dit cette toile est un beau travail... Vos nuances de blancs sont superbes et vos conifères tout autant.

AutumnLeaves said...

Nancie, this is awesome! I thought it was a photograph initially. I love snow scenes and I love trees and you've captured them both in a beautiful piece!

padmaja said...

So very realistic, it could be mistaken for a photograph! It looks incredible!

Nancy Goldman said...

This is beautiful Nancie. It looks like a spring snow scene with the sun hitting the trees and I love your blue shadows.

Cheri Wollenberg said...

I love this painting. It has great design. When inspiration comes, you gotta go with it. You did good.


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