Monday, April 18, 2011

Just the 2 of Us

Paint & Draw Together Challenge # 18 is "Cherries in Love" - 2 luscious cherries on a wood surface. The instruction was to work with shadows, highlights & reflected light. But I loved that red so much, I just had to zoom in closer. A real close up of the cherries that is!

I decided to go with the apple green background as I wanted the contrast of the Red & Green - a complimentary color scheme. I thought of sending this in for the DPW challenges as well, but I did browns in the base & that breaks the complimentary color scheme (besides, I think I have something different for that challenge).

This was painted on a stretched canvas for a change, with gallery edges, and the design continues onto the edges. I just love that look, when the image wraps around on the edges! All in all, a fun painting to do and it has left me with a craving for some tasty, juicy cherries to munch on. Off to the store I go!

Acrylic on 8x10 stretched canvas with finished edges
This painting is for sale on my Art Is Not a Thing - For Sale blog

1 comment:

AutumnLeaves said...

I am awed by the texture you've gained in those up close and personal cherries, Nancie! If you really look closely at cherries, they do have such a texture. Fabulous job and I love the color palette!


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