Monday, February 21, 2011

Summer Tenant

So many of you liked my little winter birdhouse painting, I thought I would show you the house during the summer. And with a tenant! This, by the way, is a repost from something I had posted on my blog back in March of last year. Here's the link to that original post.

A few summers ago I was able to grab my camera and take a series of photos of the house being occupied. And of course, that made me need to paint it. So here it is, in all it's glory, sunshine & green leaves. And just the hint of a little mouth at the front door, calling "I'm hungry."

This birdhouse was purchased one year at a craft fair. The builder had numerous houses for sale, and I loved the thick wood he used. Some birdhouse I have bought were so flimsy that they barely lasted 1 year. This, however, is built very well, and as I said, has been with me for years. It hangs in my Dogwood tree, along with a few other houses. It is usually the first one staked out by the male, who sits on the roof and sings. He is calling out for a mate to come join him. And the females fly by, land on a nearby branch and check out the place. If one of them likes it, she joins him. If not, she moves on. Since this house is used every year, I'm guessing it is very pleasing to the female eye! A cozy nest, with a not too big hole (so cats can't get them) but plenty of coverage from the weather.

I will attempt to capture a photo of one of the families this year. And if I do, I will post it. I often wonder each year, if the new tenants were once raised in that house, and they "came home" to start their own family. I love spring - birth & renewal - I am so looking forward to it (as I stare out my studio window at a whole lot of white snow!)

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas


martinealison said...

J'ai h√Ęte de voir les oiseaux nicher..
Jolie peinture.

AutumnLeaves said...

I think this house is so cozy looking! Any woman is foolish not to want to live here! LOL

Virginia Floyd said...

Great photo! We had a birdhouse that sparrow families used several times each summer. I used to watch them stick their heads out clambering to be fed. I always worried that they'd fall out.


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