Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8, 1980

This is something I wrote on that evening. After working the 2nd shift, and hearing the NY radio station tearfully announce the death of John Lennon, I found my way home. I listened to that radio all night as countless people phoned in to express their sorrow. I kept a journal in those days, and wrote in it almost daily. This is what I wrote that evening, 30 years ago.

"East Berlin broke it's radio ban; Warsaw temporarily forgot Russia; Russia felt sorrow - and the people cried. Silence was heard around the world, and for one evening there was peace.

John's words rang true. For but a moment, the world did more than imagine. Bitter hatred gave way to remorse. The materialistic was subdued by grief. The tears fell as thousands of voices asked the question of why -- their voices floating up into an atmosphere united in his death.

If there were 365 John Lennons, and each one died on a consecutive day, would we have a year of peace? I ask the world, did we learn anything from his words? Or were the tears just 'the proper thing to do.' "

RIP John Lennon

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Margaret Bednar said...

"...if there were 365 John Lennons, ... would we have a year of peace?"

Very moving, Nancy. I think there is a poem somewhere here in this journal entry... You should give it a try.


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