Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Barn with Purple Flowers

I just read with interest on Yasha's blog, her recent struggle to use oils for the first time. And it made me think back to when I first started painting, and I used only oils at that time. It is what I played with in high school, and then kept using them - on and off - for a number of years. Back at this time, acrylics were limited and not as good of quality, I think anyway, as they are today.

I have posted one of my earlier paintings, done of a run down old barn along Route 30 in upstate New York. There was a storm brewing that day and the sky was turbulent & dark. The collapsing barn just stood amongst the trees - but what caught my eye that day were the abundant purple flowers, blooming & growing wild all over the abandoned land. Such a contrast of things, I pulled over & took out the camera to capture what I could. I knew I had to paint it.

Not the best work I've ever done (I can see where I would change shades & values for shadows and highlights), and you can see this was during my more realism approach to painting (not the shapes I do more of today). Still, I have to say that I love this painting. Hmm, maybe I should do another oil painting - wonder how it would work out in the "shapes" style. Perhaps next year!

Oils on 16x20 stretched canvas

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yasha said...

Nancie I admire your work with shapes and here what I see is you are equally good with realism.Would love to see some more of your oil paintings.Good to know that are you are comfortable with both oils and acrylics.I really had a tough time but hope to improve.
(Thanks for tagging me here:)


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