Saturday, March 28, 2020

Stone Walkway

Stone Walkway
30x24 Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas

Hi again! As many of you are aware, and I'm sure many of you are enduring, the pandemic of COVID-19. It is a trying time in many ways -- the disease itself as well as the changes to our way of life. Just going to the store for a "few things" has taken on new meaning. Yesterday I had to go to the post office. It was relatively quiet, with 1 person ahead of me and 1 behind. We all stood the obligatory 6 feet away from each other.

What isn't so apparent is the private stress that each of us are trying to handle on a day to day basis. My husband & I are in the "over 60" risk level and we are well-aware of the fact that every time we step out there, we risk coming in contact with this invisible enemy. Channeling this anxiety & stress into something positive is often easier said than done.

I have been struggling to paint during this time - I am having a hard time focusing. Or I should say, staying focused. I notice that my leg with bounce with the added energy in me while I'm sitting. I find it hard to 'turn off the tasks I need to get done out there" thoughts, even with music & paintbrush in hand. I find that doing manual labor is a bit easier to tackle, so I've been cleaning the yard (we're very early spring here) and cleaning the house -- the whole house! LOL   It dawned on me yesterday morning that spring is indeed happening and it is my favorite time of year -- it's the time of rebirth, new beginnings. But there is a strong chance of missing it because the mind is looking, worrying, stressing, planning elsewhere. And so, thankfully, my dog Rosie loves to take walks -- and we do that every single day. It helps.

This painting, "Stone Walkway" was done for an art show that is currently postponed. When the show will happen, I do not know. It is out-of-town for me and I may not be able to travel to deliver, but we'll see. For now, it hangs in my living room over the fireplace. One thing I am learning is to take things one day at a time.

Hope you are all doing well, are healthy & safe. Try not to let the stress of the world sit on your shoulders. I know, easier said than done - go for a walk, it really does help.

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