Saturday, March 14, 2020

Been gone from the blog way too long!

Spring Path - 16x20 acrylic

I can not believe how long I've been away from my blog!! Time, Life, Things - all moved quickly and suddenly I see it's 2020!

I retired from my full-time job 2 years ago, and have been busy doing art. But also starting to clear out a house I have lived in since 1983. Wow, so much "stuff" we store in attics, closets, basements. Little by little I am reviewing things - then deciding what to keep, what to sell, what to donate & then what to simply toss in the trash. Hard work & anyone who has done it with their own things will tell you, it doesn't happen quick. I found cleaning out someone else's things much easier than my own!

My husband & I have been working on a house in the Adirondacks for quite a few years - taking it from cabin to home. We are just about done, and with luck, we will sell the old house & move to the country. That's been the plan all along! Fingers crossed.

So, enough on that subject. Artwork - I have not been too far away from it. This image shows one of my latest paintings, done for a show that will be active (hopefully) in April. This darn corona virus has been cancelling so many events.

The suggested theme for the show is "spring" and with winter going away (we never really had one here on the East Coast by me), I wanted to start seeing blooms & colors.

By the way, I discovered an online artist that I have been "studying" with - Michael James Smith. He shares much of his how-to's on youTube, as well as his own website. Here is a link to his video's on youTube - he is a landscape artist in England who does work in a realism style. I've learned quite a few things from him - enjoy.

And I will now try to blog more often!

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