Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sam I Am

"Sam I Am"
10x20 acrylic on stretched canvas
gallery wrapped sides with image continued
Email me if interested in this painting

As I have previously mentioned, this is a painting for the upcoming Art in the Park show in October . This painting is from a wonderful reference photo from Hytham Elbohy. 

This gorgeous macaw reminds me of a friends bird whose name was Sam. Sam was incredibly smart - would let himself out all the time and walked around like he owned the place (which he did). 

Likewise, I use to visit a bird store near my home that specialized in larger birds (macaws, parrots, cockatoos, etc). A large, blue macaw use to sit on a perch in the one room & toss his toys at people. Then yell "pick it up" - guess he was teaching us humans how to fetch! Incredible birds indeed!

As I said, it is for the art show, by email if you are interested in this piece.

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