Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Napa Valley - SOLD

"Napa Valley" - California
6x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through Daily Paintworks auction - click here to bid

This month the VPO visits the Napa Valley in California. The original Google map view can be seen here.

I wanted to find water - I felt the need to find some water in amongst all these vineyards. There was some areas on map but unfortunately Google did not map all the roads in that area (or there aren't any roads there to map!). But I keep looking until I found this scene & I thought it would look great in the 6x12 slices format.

This particular piece is up for auction - and it was a welcome change from the birds I've been doing lately. I am still not sure whether I will do a 2:1 ratio Landscape theme for some upcoming shows, or if I will show the Acrylic inks & washes instead. The later is focusing on birds - the lines in this style seem to work well with the feathers of the birds. I still have time to decide, so for now, I keep working in both formats. 

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