Saturday, March 12, 2016

Liberate your Art!

My decorated envelopes for this years 
Liberate your Art Postcard Swap

This year I was able to participate in the Liberate your Art Postcard Swap. Fellow artist friend Sea Dean sent me a Facebook invite to the project to remind me ahead of time so I could get ready.

This project is a wonderful way to "send your art around the world" as Kat Sloma said in one of her posts on "The Kat Eye View of the World" blog. This art project has each artist send 6 of their art postcards to Kat - and on a given date for swapping (which is tomorrow the 13th) Kat & her crew of helpers & volunteers sort the stacks of postcards & send out 6 postcards to each artist who is participating!

This means my 6 will get mailed to 6 different artists, and I will receive 6 postcards from 6 different artists! I am so looking forward to what comes in the mail over the next few weeks.

This project covers the world and is not confined to just the US! Kat posted the stats from the 2015 project, I bet this year is larger!

1290 pieces of art liberated
214 artists
12 countries

Many of the artists decorate their envelopes going out to Kat - and she features some on her blog. There is a very wide assortment of envelopes & designs, and I was very lucky to have mine shown (along with many other artists include Sea Dean) on her last blog post. You can see it here:

This years project is closed now as the swap is about to happen. But maybe you want to bookmark her blog, or follow on Facebook to join in the fun next year. By the way, her blog has more interesting posts and information that is not specific to the postcard swap, so take a look!

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