Monday, February 15, 2016



Here are the 2 commissioned pieces I recently completed. These are both 22 x 28 in size, acrylic, on gallery wrapped stretched canvas. They were delivered to their new home this past Friday where they are hanging on either side of a fireplace. The look terrific and the client is very happy.

For these images the client requested Vineyards and we determined to do one as a more scenic view (top image with the home), and the other as a closeup (bottom image with the grapes). The clients walls are a deep golden yellow and her request was to work with the yellows & golds. 

Whenever I work with a commissioned piece, I combine or slice together images to create a new image. This is commonly referred to as Frankenstein composition. I will take from various photos, scan in parts, alter & crop images, silo items & change colors. I work entirely within Photoshop on my computer, and will email a saved image to the client for feedback. I make any changes requested by the client to the saved image, then send a new email to the customer for further feedback. This process will continue however long it takes for a final image/composition to be approved by the client. I then use the approved image as a my base for the painting.

Because there were 2 paintings being done that were going to hang together, I used the identical color palette in each to help "marry" the two together. Even though one is a closeup while the other is more scenic, I feel the 2 compliment each other very well because of the matching colors & values. 

These paintings are a bit larger than I usually do (one of my goals this year is to do more large paintings), so it took me a bit longer to finish these up. I did use a combination of large & small brushes. I found the large was not giving me enough detail. I spent quite a bit of time using the brush as I would a palette knife - something I love to play with!

All in all I'm happy with how these turned out, and very happy that the client is pleased. I just finished the other commission I was working on and that will be delivered sometime next week (weather permitting). That is the last of the commissioned work I have on my easel - time to do some experimental pieces I think!

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