Thursday, February 18, 2016

3 Cami Binibassi

"3 Cami Binibassi" - Majorca
9x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

My second painting for this months VPO is a similar subject. There is so much in this painting that caught my attention that I HAD to paint it. The bricks & stonework, the shadows, those magenta/rose flowers & that lantern! Loved so much of it & really enjoyed painting it.

You can see the original Google image by clicking here.

To be able to get everything I liked into the image I opted for the larger 9x12 size for this. I played with cropping it - even moving items (like the lantern) over to fit into the smaller 6x12 size. But I found the scene too crowded. I had to work with the larger size to make the composition work.

Don't you love that lantern? It catches my eye in this painting every time!

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