Thursday, January 28, 2016

Blogs, websites, auctions, shows....

"Green Pants" - Dublin, Ireland
9x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

And don't forget the commissions! All part of an artists world, and all require attention to remain active & in front of the other artists. I've noticed a loss of followers on my Blog of late - my own fault, I am not paying it enough attention. My Facebook art page has increased slightly (non paid followers), and analytics say my website is doing ok. Not great, just ok.

So what happened? Life! Between my day job, my loss of my best buddy, some illnesses (thankfully nothing severe, but as I get older, these bugs tend to alarm me a bit. I don't spring back like I use to!). And I've been working on 2 commissions.

1 Commission is actually 2 large paintings for the same customer. They are done, but I do need to seal them (more than 1 coat) and wire them for hanging before I can deliver & call it finished. The other one is a single painting, a historical painting of an old diner that was recently torn down.

The thing with commissions is, I don't like to post progress photos anywhere on the internet until the buyer has seen & signed off on them. In fact, I prefer they were in their home first! I would hate for them to love it, then get swayed by a stranger's critique of something they are about to fully pay for!

And .... I feel terribly guilty working on anything other than these commissions, so I have nothing new to post!!!! Yikes!!! Even my DPW online presence has dwindled because I can only repost older pieces.

Sigh - I have no remedy except to get these commissions done & delivered. Then I can post them.

Please bear with me while I make this transition, and please do not leave! I hate losing followers.

I added an older painting to this blog, and to DPW and my Facebook - it is one I do love. And it is available!

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