Sunday, November 22, 2015

Boat and Bridge

"Boat & Bridge"
6x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

I have been so busy of late, working on 2 large commissioned pieces. They are a pair, for the same client, and share the same colors. So, to keep them matching consistently with color & tones, I've been painting them both at the same time. They are a similar subject matter, although one is a closeup while the other is more distant. I can't show the work in progress -- yet -- not until the client has seen, approved, and has the 2 paintings.

However, this weekend I took a short break from working on them to do a couple of smaller pieces. This one that I've named Boat & Bridge, is from an image that was posted in a Facebook group I had belonged to. It was a fast-paced group of wonderful artists, but with my commissioned work & regular full-time job (non-artist), I was not able to keep up, and had to withdraw. However, I had saved a couple of the images that were posted by the artists with the intention to paint them. I can not recall which artist from that group posted the original image, or I would credit them here. (when I find out, I will update this).

The original image was a full width image, filled with lush greens. But I decided early on with this scene to do a slice (6x12). I love this format & choose it whenever a scene looks to benefit from the sizing. A fun painting to do, and a great distraction from the intensity of painting the commissions. I did one other "slice" painting this weekend which I will post when it's done (needs a bit of touchup), but then it's back to working on the 2 large commissioned pieces. 

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