Monday, August 3, 2015

Infinite Sky

"Infinite Sky"
9x12 acrylic on stretched canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

I do have a fascination with night - love the shadows that items have from either moonlight or the incandescent light of the street lamps. Even as a child I was fascinated at how different things appeared when it became dark out. How even the most familiar scene or street can take on a different feel to it at night - a tad edgier, a bit more unknown.

But as dark as the night may be, there is still color in that darkness. Sometimes you need to squint to focus on it, but it's there. Incandescents will cast a yellow hue, while the moon will reflect what it sees back to you.

Oh, and the stars. Like a thousand fireflies blinking in the darkness. Don't forget to make a wish on the first one you see......


CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful, Nan! I've always been the same about the night. Love the fade to black on the moon/planet.

Nancy Goldman said...

This is so dramatic Nan. I love it!

Julie Ford Oliver said...

Came over from Crimson Leaves...wanted to visit the person who writes such well informed and kindly comments. Glad I did. I like your art and your postings.
Hope your "best friend puppy" is still enjoying the extra devotion you and your husband are giving him. I appreciate your situation after experiencing it myself.
You will be glad you did - I promise.


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