Thursday, March 19, 2015

@ Sun - SOLD

This was the 3rd sun I painted for the CBS sun art challenge - done in 2013.

They say that art imitates life (or is it the other way around?) - but this one lived up to that saying very much so.  I had been doing a great deal of coding at my day job when this challenge first started. All of it in HTML language, all of it for the web. It had me thinking of combining the code & the art.

First I was going to use all HTML codes within the sun body & rays - but quickly realized I did not have the time for such a large project. So I narrowed it down to a single character that pretty much said "CODE" -- the @ sign!

I had painted the background a light yellow at first, and then intended to paint the @ sun in various shades of yellow. But decided I wanted more substance to it - so broke out the palette knives & the iridescent gold acrylic paint. The photo does not do this piece justice!

This piece had been on display at a studio in Ohio, when it was purchased by the woman who organized the event. Thank you again Rusty, I hope you are enjoying your @ Sun!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Such a wonderful and creative way of thinking you have, Nan! I am loving seeing all of your suns. How many more have you done?

Nancy Goldman said...

Great Idea Nan. I didn't see the @ sign at first. I just saw a sun.


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