Sunday, March 22, 2015


This is the last of my previously done Sun artwork - done last year. This one is different in that I ventured a bit into mixed media. This artwork is 12 x 12 on canvas board, mounted to a gold floating frame. The photo here is unframed - I will try & get a photo in the daylight of it framed - it really finishes this piece off perfectly!

This piece is available for sale - click here to go to the DPW page for this piece.

The entire process of creating this was really made up as I go. It started when a friend on Facebook posted some quilting patterns. Since I was already pondering what to do for the sun art challenge, this design caught my eye. I decided to use the pattern to create a sun.

First I painted the entire piece a light, very mellow yellow as a background. Then I sketched the pattern - followed by outlining it with gold ink/paint. Then each diamond shape of the sun is a separate piece of tissue paper, but to size, then adhered with glue. Then the entire canvas was covered with a light wash of the same mellow yellow as the background. The stenciled shapes in the background were added & then the entire piece was sealed multiple times. The small jewels were added at each point & intersection.

If you look carefully, you'll see that some of the tissue paper says "happy birthday" - which is where this piece gets it's name. It's a true Celebrate-Sun!


In the next day or 2 I will post this years suns paintings - this year I did 2 different versions of the same design. I couldn't make my mind up, so I am submitting both to the challenge.

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CrimsonLeaves said...

I have always liked this piece!


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