Monday, October 20, 2014


9x12 acrylic on linen board
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This month the VPO is visiting County Kerry in Ireland. It is a wide area to explore and offers landscapes, cityscapes & architecture galore. Because I've been focusing on architecture so much, I decided to take a break from the lines & have fun with a landscape. And since I worked with the "blues" this past weekend with my Starry Night variation, I continued working with them on this. The original Google street view can be seen by clicking here.

The funny thing was, I had this finished yesterday. But, as my rule of thumb is now, all my paintings are finished twice -- meaning, whenever I say it is done I need to wait a day or so. Look at it, change things, then call it finished again! The second time is usually the charm - and without that revisit the next day, the painting would be missing some added shadows & details.

Interestingly, tonight I was listening to a recorded webinar from the past weekend (I missed the live broadcast). This was through Improve My Paintings and given by Johannes Vloothuis. You can find some of his webinars & work classes through this link.

While I was listening I was studying my "finished" painting from yesterday. And suddenly I had brush in hand and started adjusting things. Adding items to break up lines, and adding lines to bring the eye from foreground to background. What he was reviewing I was applying to the painting I was working on! What a fun experience! 

I have a second painting started for this VPO in Ireland and should be able to post it in the next day or so. It too is finished for the first time - now to finish it for the second time while listening to the second 1/2 of Johannes webinar!


martinealison said...


Quelle belle interpr├ętation ! J'aime beaucoup la perspective de ce ravissant littoral... mon regard s'emporte loin...

Gros bisous ♡

CrimsonLeaves said...

Exactly as I see Ireland in my head! Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Love the scale and the blues.


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