Thursday, October 23, 2014

RGB View

"RGB View"
9x12 acrylic on linen board
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is another painting done for this month's VPO visit to County Kerry Ireland. I went a little bit crazy with the color compared to the original -- here's the link to the Google map street view. But, I was inspired!

RGB - Red, Green & Blue - pretty much sums up the color palette to this (although there is yellow as well). But the RGB colors dominate. And the more I painted & tweaked, the more pronounced those colors became! Actually, I used Red Oxide, Burnt Sienna & some Quinacridone Red-Orange in that foreground (along with Cad Yellow Light & Indian Yellow). I also added touches of these colors to the far hills to help tie it together. Added some Olive Green mixed with cad Yellow Light to those far hills to give a cooler tone to them (and there are subtle bits of that green mix in the foreground as well). Ireland is known for it's rolling green hills and I wanted to be sure they were present. 

And the sky - what can I say. I went crazy with the clouds! LOL

(There is a part of my brain right now, that says a roundish bush in the bottom left corner is needed for balance. I'm not sure that voice is correct, so I will stare at it a bit tonight. I think it is done - we'll see who is correct in the morning - me or my inner voice!)

I had fun visiting County Kerry Ireland, but I need to switch gears now. I have an idea for my next Mini-Master-Piece -- time to sketch!


Ok, I played in Photoshop a bit with this (I do that often to try on different ideas before I put paint on canvas). Here's a photo of a possible change - no bush, but maybe some sprays of small yellow/green flowers in the foreground? It totally does change the painting - but for the better? What do you think? Should I make the change for real or leave it as is above?


Katherine Thomas said...

Love the colors and the composition! I'll be curious to know what you decided about the bush... I have my own thoughts about it, but will not presume to sway your artistic vision for your piece! But I'm curious what you'll do!

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks Katherine! I think the bush is out, it just seemed too big & grabbed the eye. But I've been playing with a copy of the painting in Photoshop to "try" different things on. (I do that often). Would love to hear what you think, really. I would!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the colors too, Nancie. I think the painting is already weighted on the left side so a bush there would be too much. But then I'm not an artist much so agree with Katherine on not wanting to sway your vision.

Anonymous said...

The top one has a more powerful impact, to me. The yellow sprays, since you asked, seem to weaken the compositional integrity. Just my response, but again, you asked. :-)

Terri Heal said...

I'm curious about your inspiration for the color choices or if you played with Photoshop as a step in the creative process?

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks to those with feedback - very much appreciated.

I agree Sherry, I have decided not to do a bush - it will grab too much attention from the viewer.

A.Decker - I agree with you, I think the yellow sprays take away from the composition. It definitely would change the mood of the painting!

Terri - I use Photoshop as a tool all the time. I use it to combine pieces of photos for new compositions. And I will enhance colors, or change them. It's my preferred tool for "trying" on changes, and for starting new ideas. But my inspiration on the 2 recent paintings came from studying the Van Gogh painting. I think his vibrancy of color impacted me a bit. That, and I've been making it a point to add more color to my new work of late. Thanks for asking


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