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Blog Hop

I've been invited by Nancy Goldman to participate in a "Blog Hop".   This is a way for artists to find other artists with blogs that they may otherwise never have seen.  I will introduce you to Nancy, answer four specific questions about my work and then introduce you to two artists whose blogs I follow and whose work I admire.

I honestly do not remember when I first found Nancy's blog, but it was quite a long time ago. I noticed her silk paintings on another artists blog, I believe, and was captivated by the vivid blues & greens I saw. I followed the link to her blog & was amazed. I've been a fan of her work ever since.

Nancy Goldman
Soft Yellow Clivia 
"I love to experiment with most mediums & styles of art. I get bored easily and can't imagine painting in just one style or medium. My favorite is watercolor and I enjoy glazing multiple layers of color to create the finished painting. 
Watercolor paintings have a luminosity that can't be achieved with any other medium. The transparency of the paints, along with the sedimentary qualities of some of the paint colors allow for a feeling of texture and light. There are many techniques possible with watercolor, from loose and watery to tightly rendered paintings, which makes each new painting a wonderful adventure."

Here is Nancy's blog:

Here are the questions I need to answer about my own work:

1) What am I working on?
Right now I am trying to organize my work that is going into an annual art show I am in. Last year I participated for the first time in the Art in the Park show in my home area. It's an outdoor show that is very well known in the area, and is open to only 100 artists. Last year was a learning experience for me and I walked around and absorbed all I could from the day. This year, I am planning to focus on my architectural drawings only, rather than mixing genre's. So I'm matting & framing some existing pieces, and painting a few new pieces. The new pieces are larger than my usual 9x12 sizes (which have been my preferred sizes of late). I just finished a 16x20 barn which I love, and will be a part of the show.  

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I work full-time in the graphic arts industry and I think that has a strong influence on my style. I also have a love for architecture, so I combine the details from the graphic industry with the angles and lines of architecture. I love to paint houses and have done quite a few commissioned pieces of peoples homes. It's really about capturing the feeling that is projected by the home. I believe a persons home is a reflection of themselves, so I call these paintings Home Portraits.   

3) Why do I create what I do?
My father first got me interested in art. We would watch artists on television and he taught me perspective drawing at a young age. He would take a piece of white paper, put a dot in the center somewhere & then tell me to draw the interior of the room we were in. I learned about vanishing points, lines & angles. I paint because I love to create, but there is a part of me that fondly remembers those times with my dad every time I do a piece. 

4) How does my creative process work?
I would love to say I have a disciplined or a sophisticated approach to painting, but quite honestly, my method is quite different. I am inspired by a thought or image. I decide what size I would like it to be - often selecting a canvas size that fits the idea in my mind. I photograph often - everything - everywhere I am. And I use those photos, or parts of them, to create my paintings from. I will do a quick sketch of the scene & then dive right in with paint. I don't do under paintings, but rather paint direct on the canvas. Often, while I am doing one painting, I will get an idea for another one. But I won't start the second one until I'm done (or close to done) on the first one.

Now for the artist that I want to introduce you to:

Sea Dean is an artist I met through a Facebook group that she administers called: Get Your Art Out There. From the group, I found her blog & her gallery on Daily Paint Works. She's a wonderful acrylic artist who does many genres - may favorite are her sea paintings (of which I own 2!)

Sea Dean

"I believe that all human beings have the ability to create awesome art but most lack the encouragement or opportunity to do so. Late in life, some take it up as a form of therapy and others to fulfill a lifelong dream. I fit into both those categories.

When I completed Art School I always intended to pursue a career in art and literature, but I had migrated to small town Canada, where there was little opportunity in my chosen field. I allowed life to get in the way, until a series of catastrophic events brought me back into alignment. Since then I’ve approached my art with the same passion and determination that I have applied to all my past achievements.

Art is not easy; it takes a special type of courage to make it your profession, but I’m no stranger to that. For me, it is important, to keep growing as an artist, keep pushing the boundaries and discovering new techniques. And paramount to my experience is the opportunity to pass on my knowledge to others, which I do in my PAINT A MASTERPIECE classes and through my Facebook group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE.

If in my journey, I create something which brings joy to another human being, or if I help a person rediscover their passion, I have truly achieved."

Sea's Blog:

Sea's Website:

I hope you've enjoyed meeting this artist & learning a little more about me. Due to scheduling problems, one of my featured artists had to drop out at the last minute, so I only have 1 featured artist on my post. She will be continuing the "blog hop" in her own blog & will feature her favorite artists as well.

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Sea Dean - Paint a Masterpiece said...

Thank you Nan. I'm honoured to be included your blog hop. I will be posting my sequel at the end of the week. So stay tuned.


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