Sunday, July 6, 2014

On the Point

"On the Point" - NFS
9x12 acrylic on canvas on hardboard

This is my first submission for this months Virtual Paintout which is touring Greece. The original google view can be seen here.

Greece is a wonderful location to explore, there is so much of the country that is mapped & it is varied. From cities, to water, to rural roadways & mountains - there is a little bit for everyone. 

I chose this location when I stumbled on it while cruising around the edges of the country. I wanted to somehow paint the shoreline but when I found this building alone, out on the point where the road ended, I knew I had to paint it.

I have made a commitment to now paint what I see, but to enhance all colors - often adding colors that I think I see in the mix. For the longest time I was following my reference photos and painting it as it was captured in the image - if there was shadows I put them in. Now, I add them even if they don't exist. The same is true with color. If there is shadow, I often see purple. If there is light, I often see yellow. When you compare the final painting to the google map you will see that I greatly added color where it is not so evident in the map view. 

In this view, I loved the blue sky with minimal clouds. I also loved the faint blue land references on the horizon. The dark blue horizon line & then the turquoise water as it was closer. But the foreground was dull. Although the composition carried me into the painting, I seemed to walk through dull to get to interesting on the map. 

So I added the colors to the foregrounds, and now I feel it invites you in - and it is interesting right from the beginning.

I have more to explore. In fact, one of the artists from the Traveling Chicken blog lives in Greece. I contacted her to let her know that her country is featured. She hadn't seen the VPO before - I'm sure she will participate this month. But she also gave me some guidance to some areas to explore - looking forward to doing another painting (or 2) for this country. 


CrimsonLeaves said...

Nice work, Nancie. The colors in the foreground lend a bit of surrealism to the piece that is just the perfect touch.

Sea Dean said...

I just realized that it's a little chapel. What a great place for one. No need for coffee after the sermon, just take a plunge.


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