Saturday, May 10, 2014

On the White Flower - SOLD

"On the White Flower"
6x8 acrylic on canvas on hardboard
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is the third in the series of small paintings for "Petals & Wings." I just love how this one turned out! 

Every month I volunteer time to run the gallery where my work is hanging in upstate NY. It is with the SVAN art group located in Northville, NY. They ask for 2 hour timeframes for Friday night, Saturday & Sunday. I opted for a 4 hour time today (Saturday) as I thought I would paint while I was there. And it proved to be a fun idea!

A couple of weeks ago I splurged & purchased a travel easel - the kind that you set up & take down when painting outdoors. I like that it folded up to the size of a box, wasn't super heavy but also wasn't too light-weight that it was flimsy. It's actually pretty sturdy - I looked online at Jerry's & Dick Blicks and knew I could order there. But then I saw a similar one at Michaels, on sale, plus I had a % off coupon! Great savings & great purchase.

I've been using it in my home so I could get use to the setup & take down on it. Plus, it's a little different for me to paint in front of. The legs are adjustable, and can be used either sitting or standing. 

So today I took it with me & set up in an out of the way spot in the gallery. And there I painted the time away, and worked on this piece exclusively. Oh, except when I took a quick break & ran next door to the ice cream place that was open! Lunch was "Panda Paws" ice cream in a waffle cone - so good!

I am not sure if I will do more in this series right away - I have nothing sketched or in mind. I have a few other paintings lined up to work on. I've decided to get back into doing more art challenges, and also to pursue a few juried art shows. Also, if you go to my Daily Paintworks gallery, you will see that I've taken many older pieces "off-line." I'm forming a "sale" in my mind, probably through my website. I will post more information on that soon.


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CrimsonLeaves said...

This did indeed come out beautifully, Nancie! Did you have customers or browsers come into the gallery while you were painting?

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks Sherry. Just a few browsers came into the gallery & did enjoy seeing what I was doing. A few of the other artists stopped by also and loved the idea that I was painting while I was there - that people wandering by might be more interested in coming in. The sidewalk in front is in full sun for much of the day, so I don't think I'll be outside. Besides, the wind & the bugs will defeat me out there, I think!


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