Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Streetcar #1059

"Streetcar #1059"
9x12 acrylic on canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

In keeping with the topic of transportation, here is another form of travel - the streetcar. Not just any streetcar, but one that goes to Fisherman's Wharf. And just to make the scene more than just a streetcar, I left in part of a person boarding. I thought it gave the scene a bit more life, without making it too busy.


CrimsonLeaves said...

I remember this from one of Lee's A Day Not Wasted challenges. Love these old streetcars!

Katherine Thomas said...

This is a very good painting, I'm admiring the shadows and how you've placed them and shaded them so perfectly to create the atmosphere... Nicely done!

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you both!


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