Sunday, January 12, 2014

Parklike Setting

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9 x 12 Acrylic on canvas panel

Day 12 of 365 days

This is the first commissioned home portrait of 2014. I am still working with the same town as I did in 2013. I plan to increase to 2 or 3 towns this year - working with additional libraries. It's part of my 2014 "to-do" list.

I named this "Parklike Setting" because it seems that way in the painting. In real life, there are no shadows on the lawn and there are houses on both sides. But when I do the portraits, I like to omit the neighbors. Seems to make the home stand out in it's own setting better to not be flanked on both sides by other houses & cars.

I don't know about elsewhere in the country, but here in the east, the term parklike setting is used by many real estate agents when describing a home with a "mature" landscape. This is not so much mature as it is abundant, and the large trees behind the house (all these trees do exist on the property in real life) tend to create that parklike feel to the property.

I thought to do a straight on, front of house composition for this home. However, the photos supplied to me seem to want to emphasize the front garden that runs along the side of the driveway. So I worked with that vantage point, but added the shadows on driveway & lawn. I don't like a wide open field or driveway - it stands out too much. Dappled shade works wonders in any landscape!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the point of view of this piece, Nancie. I'm not having trouble with your blog.

Catharina Engberg said...

Lovely painted!


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