Sunday, November 17, 2013

Traveling through Middle Earth

"Traveling through Middle Earth"
9x12 acrylic on canvas
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is actually Iceland and my second submission for the November Virtual Paintout. The original Google link can be seen by clicking here

The country of Iceland is fascinating. The land, terrain & color is fascinatingly different from what I am use to seeing & painting. I kept thinking about Middle Earth, and the Hobbits & Lord of the Rings as I painted this. I know the films were shot in New Zealand, but this land in Iceland makes me think I am there - in Middle Earth - perhaps on an adventure. And being a huge fan of the stories (books, as well as the films) - it makes me smile to be there, even if only virtually!

These have been quite the departure for me from my architectural works and drawings. I do have a 3rd possibility from Iceland to paint, and it is a house. I haven't decided on the "style" I want to do with the house. So these adventures in a foreign land and also doing a colorful montage of shapes - are all a wonderful diversion. I think artists need to do that from time to time, stretch outside the box where they normally create and just do something different. 


Nancy Goldman said...

I really like the colors you used and the serenity of this scene Nan. I haven't painted a painting for this month but I must say, I was impressed with the scenery of Iceland and the skies are incredible. I probably won't get around to posting on the VP blog this month but I will be re-visiting Iceland in the future for a painting.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful melding of purples, blues, and greens. It looks a rocky place too.

Sea Dean said...

I've always wanted to visit Iceland. I recon parts of it must be like my favourite place on earth, Yellowstone. A recent bad experience with Iceland Air has somewhat put me off, but I love your painting. The colours are stunning.

renate said...

Hi Nan:) A bit late, but I was busy with the chickens:):) This is a beautiful painting. Such beautiful colors and an amazing landscape. Well done!!xx


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