Saturday, September 28, 2013

House with Red Shutters - SOLD

Commissioned Piece - NFS
9 x 12 Acrylic on canvas panel

I affectionately call this one the "House that kicked my butt" - because it did! I am finally happy with it, having redone angles, lines, colors, shapes. This was a challenge! So glad I am painting with acrylics, where I can paint over within a few minutes. If this were oils, oh boy, that would be much harder!

The reference photos (there were 4 or 5 of them) showed different sections of the house. What this painting does not show (at the clients request) was the large amount of foliage that is in front of the house. For that reason, there wasn't a photo that showed the whole house - so I had to work, with protractor in hand, to get the angles & lines working together.

I have 3 more home portraits and 1 of them will prove to be as challenging as this one (if not more). For the same reason - there isn't a main reference photo for it. And since they are not in my area, I can't go in-person and take additional photos. So I need to work, protractor in hand, to design & build the home on my canvas. It's like putting together a jigsaw puzzle! 

By the way, I had said to another artist who had commented on one of the home paintings, "I have found that the landscaping around a building anchors it to the earth - and without it, it seems to simply sit on the ground." This work in progress photo proves it to be so very true, only here it isn't sitting, it is floating!


Sea Dean said...

This is really fabulous Nan. I think you've found a great niche market and you are very good at it. I wonder if a rudimentary auto cad program would help, just to get the angles and view right on your screen. You can probably find something cheap or free on the net.

CrimsonLeaves said...

It is beautiful, Nancie! I'll bet the homeowner is thrilled!! If you ever get commissions for any places within a couple of hours drive from my house and you need photos, do be sure to let me know. Happy to take them for you (we do like to ride).


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