Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Glasses Open

Acrylic on 6x12 canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This is another 6x12 format - and another piece I will say is part of my "Slice of Life" series. After all, glasses are indeed a part of life.

"Glasses Open" - not a very original name, I know. I thought of "Better to See You" but thought it a bit too corny. And since this is 1 of a pair of glasses paintings, I thought it best to name them for what they are.  (Tomorrow's painting is Glasses Closed, did you guess it?). 

I have worn glasses almost all of my life - I got my first pair in Kindergarten when they realized I could not see the board. The other children proceeded to call me "4 eyes" and so I "lost" that lovely pink pair one day walking home from school. My dutiful parents bought me a second pair, which I "lost" as well. They said they couldn't afford to keep buying me glasses if I was going to keep losing them - I simply shrugged my shoulders. So, they stopped buying them.

Fortunately I could see well enough to not walk into things or fall down the stairs. But some things, like the blackboard in school, was impossible to see. I was short but always sat in the back of the classroom because they would alphabetize us by last names. Mine started with the letter "U" so I was always in the back - but I told the teachers that I couldn't see because I was so short. They would then move me to the front where I could see well enough to understand things on the board. I also learned to listen in class very well. I always knew what was going to be on a test - the teacher spoke with more enthusiasm on the things that would be on the test - so I learned to listen to their tone & read their mannerisms. And lastly, I learned a trick for when we had to take our yearly eye exam -- the old style where you either (a) told them what direction the capital letter "E" was facing  or (B) read the letters in each row as they got smaller. I would simply memorize the chart while I stood in line closest to the chart. Then when I had to sit in the chair which was further away from the chart, I would rattle off the correct answers with ease. No, I couldn't see the chart clearly from the chair - but I had all the right answers!

And NO ONE ever called me "4 eyes" again! 

I didn't officially get glasses again until I was driving age, and those I thought might be a good idea to wear. Something about being able to see large moving objects! LOL!


Sea Dean said...

This painting does what we as artists always strive for, simplicity and interest. Fantastic! And I thoroughly enjoyed your story. You learned a lot from a negative experience. Making a lemon into lemon aid.

CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful shape to these! Love the story that goes with them!

renate said...

Seen your story you had no easy school time. I now have two glasses. This has to do with old age:) Your painting is very pretty! Compliment!

Karla said...

Great painting and a great story!


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