Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Glasses Closed

Acrylic on 6x12 canvas panel
Available through DPW gallery/auction

The same glasses, only closed. These are not mine, they are borrowed. My glasses - well, I should paint them next. They have a bit of "bling" to them and I still get compliments on them 2 years after I bought them (maybe it was 3 years). I can no longer get the frames, so I take more care of them than usual - I want them to last. 

And also, prescription glasses are not cheap. 

One thing my glasses have are the transition lenses. Those are the ones that darken & lighten with the sunlight. I've used that lens for years and I totally recommend them. The change is subtle, but very helpful. You don't look like you are looking through a dark lens at all. And recently I read that transition lenses help to prevent cataracts. I'm all for prevention!

This painting is the mate to yesterdays, and both are up for auction at DPW. I think they would make a great pair on the wall -- pair of glasses & pair of paintings! 

Dont' forget - free shipping in the US during the month of July on all 9x12 & smaller paintings. That is on auctions & as well as on sales through my website.


jill polsby said...

I love these two paintings....such nuance of color, such great shadows ...a whole new way of painting for you. Love it!!!

CrimsonLeaves said...

I've never had a pair of glasses that didn't have the transition lenses. I love them. I also only get glass lenses because I find the plastic lenses tend to throw reflection into my eyes and night driving with street lights makes me see double when the lenses are plastic. I've never heard anyone else complain of this though. I like my frames too. I'm into my second year with them. Not sure if I'll pick a new frame next year (probably) or not yet. We shall see.


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