Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Round Porch - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas panel
Email me if interested in this painting

Third in my series of "1934 Oradell Houses" - this beautiful victorian with the round porch - can't you just picture yourself sitting out on the porch enjoying yourself? When painting this, I really debated what color to make this house (the original images are black and white) - I thought a nice light yellow would look nice. 

I liked how the shadows fell in this, as well as the dappled shade on the front lawn.  And again, I put the foreground trees/leaves in the image to frame this grand home.

You'll notice that this painting is marked "Not For Sale" - I've contacted the Oradell town for permission to do these paintings. The graciously acknowledged and asked if I would consider showing them at their library or municipal hall. The idea excites me (and scares me a bit, having never done this before), but I would love to do such a thing. (for that reason, I thought it best to change them to Not For Sale).

Here is the original b/w image, used with permission from Oradell township:

And here is the link to the location today in Google maps. I'm not sure the rounded porch remained, it is hard to tell with all the greenery surrounding it. But it's the upstairs "door" that I still see with the various windows in place that makes me believe I found the right house!


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

When I first saw this painting, I was amazed at how much it looked like my 1878 Victorian on Juniper St. Mine was a soft yellow also. I no longer live there and the new owners have painted it pink (looked it up on google st. view). Such a lovely painting, Nan and congratulations on the showing.

Nan Johnson said...

Jean - how fortunate for you to have had such a beautiful house for your home! I will look it up on Google as well (not sure how the pink goes). Thanks for your comments!

Karla said...

Wow! Another great painting. These will look amazing Hung together.

Margaret said...

I am SO IMPRESSED with all your art work. I haven't drawn or painted in quite a while... kind of got busy with poetry a bit. BUT I hope to get back to my hobby soon... I think your showing at the library is going to be a SMASH HIT!

Sea Dean said...

That would be a great exhibition to paint for and to see. I believe one of the jobs of an Artist is to record that which is passing, whether it is people, places or events. Photography does that too but there is something to be said for the emotion an Artist can bring to a work with their brush. This painting is beautiful Nan. Congratulations.

CrimsonLeaves said...

I am so loving this Oradell series, Nancie. Maybe because you are painting the types of homes I've always loved and always wish to have had growing up or even to live in now. The round porch is amazing!


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