Saturday, February 2, 2013

Artist Introductions - Intro 1: Mia Hinchey

I don't know if you are aware, but I am the webmaster over on "The Traveling Chicken" blog/challenge. If you haven't visited this site, click on the link to go over & check it out. It is a challenge involving a small, ceramic chicken (who has been nicknamed TC) and a group of worldwide artists.

One of the advantages of being the webmaster is that I'm introduced to many new artists. New to me, and some new to daily paintings & posting on the internet. Today I got an email from an artist in Colorado who asked to join the Waiting List for TC hosting. One requirement to signing on to the challenge is to have a blog or website, so I can add it as a link to their name - this way other artists have a way to contact them when it is their turn.

I always check out the blog or website, and in doing so, I often get introduced to someone new. I usually add myself as a "follower" of their blog (or sign on for email alerts on posts) -- but today I realized that doesn't really let others know anything about what I have found or liked. So today, I am posting some info about "a new artist that I have found." I think I may try & do this weekly, as a way of spreading the word, so to speak - and I am calling this weekly post "Artist Introductions."

My first artist introduction is: Mia Hinchey. She is from Greenwood Village in Colorado. Here is her blog link:

Check out her work, I don't think you will be disappointed. I love her brushstrokes in her work, and the piece called "Tomato, tomatoes" is my favorite. Love those purple shadows! She is relatively new to daily paintings and her blog, she has also signed on to Daily Paintworks to sell some of her work. Pay her a visit, like her work & leave her a comment. You know how us artists love to get comments!

Thanks all & Happy Painting!

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CrimsonLeaves said...

She has a bold and confident style, Nancie! Thanks for sharing new artists' work!


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