Thursday, January 10, 2013

30 in 30 Days - Day 9 - Snow on Juniper 2

Acrylic on 3x5 canvas board
Available through DPW gallery

Here is the "mate" to yesterdays painting - the second Juniper branch with berries & touches of snow. As I said yesterday, these are fun paintings to do, and I will be doing more of these 3x5 canvas's in this challenge. I do plan to mix up the subjects - they won't be all Juniper's! 

I received some very valuable feedback from a commenter. And I've taken those words to heart! You will see that the title at the top of my blog is now "Nan Johnson Fine Art" with my catch phrase "Art is not a Thing" in smaller type below. Because as Sea Dean said, my name is most important. When emails of my posts go out, it sends the Title (as it is set up in Settings) in the email. I didn't realize this, and so it never sent my name, only the catch phrase. I have now changed that so that my emails will go out as "Nan Johnson Fine Art". This may result in a slight redesign of the top of my blog, so things balance better. (And it might be time to update my banner photo at top - I will play with that also).

The second thing Sea said was in response to my lamenting that the number of viewers of my blog & at DPW have dropped off. Her's have not, and one idea she said was that people may not like being reminded of snow on a regular basis. I hadn't thought of that - and to be honest, I was beginning to tire of the winter landscape myself. I chose a theme of "snow" for the 30 day challenge, but I think I will alter that to be "white" - which will still give me the opportunity to play with colors in white, but let me include things other than winter. I think that would be beneficial to all. 

Click here to see all paintings in Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge


CrimsonLeaves said...

Funny, but I do not tire of snow scenes or landscapes. Always my favorites to look at. But then I don't try to sell my art so I wouldn't know what sells and what does not.

I love this piece even more than yesterday's! I think it is the horizontal that appeals to me so much. Plus the subject and berries and snow come together so beautifully.

Sea Dean said...

Hi Nan, thanks for the recognition. My no fee no profit Facebook group GET YOUR ART OUT THERE is focused on Art Marketing - many Artists and Art Lovers sharing great tips like I gave you. Here is the link.

Angela Sullivan said...

This is lovely and so cool looking. Fees so wintery.

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you all! I'm kind of fond of those blue berries. Bet they show up again in another painting!


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