Monday, January 14, 2013

30 in 30 days - Day 13 - Snow Pine

Acrylic on 3x5 canvas board
Available through DPW gallery

Another 3x5 inch painting - this is a pine branch with snow. Background has the white/blue effect and the pine needles are sticking out of the snow that is collected on the branches.

But this one has the added touch of some iridescent white on them. I have an assortment of iridescent colors and I like to use them in spots to give it a different look or glow. The camera doesn't really capture it well, but here's a closeup that shows it better.

I am officially out of my "extra" paintings, so tomorrows post will be interesting. (I have to create it now or very late tomorrow night). Fingers crossed!


CrimsonLeaves said...

Love the shadow this branch is throwing too and the iridescence is wonderful!

Karla said...

Nan, I love these! I can just see the top one made into a beautiful Christmas Card. Bravo! And Happy Painting!

Angela Sullivan said...

Wow I really do like that iridescent paint. It is beautiful...Love your little branches.

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks Sherry, Karla & Angela. The iridescent paints are fun to work with. When I first tried them I went overboard - defeats the purpose! Now I use them in spots, for highlights. Has a much better effect. And Karla, I just might make it next years card - but got 11 months to see what else I create!


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