Sunday, January 13, 2013

30 in 30 days - Day 12 - Hanging Basics

Acrylic on 3x5 canvas board
Available through DPW gallery

Quick little painting of laundry on the line, basic white laundry that is! I have to admit that I fussed with this one quite a bit, and repainted things also. For instance, on the left I had 2 socks hanging. Couldn't get them right, so changed it. Also the back line of green, it went across first, then went up/down over a hill, then changed to be an opposite diagonal of the clothesline. When it was straight across it seemed dull, boring. When it was the hill going up/down it was wonky (such a word?). But the opposite diagonal I like, makes it more interesting.

Just something a little different!


Carroll Michalek said...

Very fun and eye catching.
One would not know that you struggled with it.
Very fresh.

Irina Cumberland said...

If you wouldn't have said that you've changed it a lot, I'd never think so! It looks wonderful!
And this picture reminds me of my grandmother's yard back in Ukraine, she was hanging laundry like that all the time, such a sweet memory! Thank you :)

Claire Beadon Carnell said...

There is something so appealing about laundry hanging out on a line...I love this!

CrimsonLeaves said...

Beautiful spring-like and fresh colors. I'm imagining the flapping sound in the wind and the clean and fresh scent of laundry hung on a line to dry.

Nan Johnson said...

Thanks Carol, I had hoped the green/blue background would be eye catching.

Thank you Irina - so glad my art piece could give a moment with your grandmother. Love when that happens

Thanks Claire - couldn't agree more. Love laundry on a line.

And thank you Sherry, you are so right - I can almost smell the clean.


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