Monday, October 1, 2012

Peeling Birch Bark

16 x 40, gallery-wrapped stretched canvas
image extends onto the 1-1/2" sides

This was painted back in April of 2010, and it is a "large" rendition of a birch that is in our yard. This peeling bark birch has always been of special interest to me - seeing the bark as it peels & curls. The tree itself is very tall - taller than an average birch - I believe it is because it grew to compete for the sunlight from the surrounding pines.

This is a rather large painting for me - 16 x 40, gallery-wrapped with the edges painted as well - but I wanted to express the stately size with a vertical perspective. This painting is one of a pair of 16x40 "tree" paintings - the other is a pine. 

Even though this is 2 years old, I am going to add it to the DPW challenge on Birch Trees. I post that it's an "oldie" - but I'd love to share it with the viewers there. 


CrimsonLeaves said...

It is a beautiful tree and I'm always drawn to the peeling bark of these trees myself. That said, Nancie, it is that sky that has mesmerized in this piece. It is stunning!

Nancy Goldman said...

I love your perspective in this painting Nancie.


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