Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Spools - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction

This was for the last Rookie Painter challenge, unfortunately I did not finish in time. With the healing process after surgery taking a little longer than I expected (thought in my head that I'd be back painting within 24 hours - yea, ok, that was so not realistic) I've gotten behind on doing some paintings. And also I am somewhat limited on length of time I can spend at the easel, so works in progress are taking longer.

BUT - I am not complaining. I can tell I've turned a corner on my pain & recovery, so I'm quite happy today as I finished this one. This painting is a bit like the shapes that I do, only the strokes are a bit looser. Probably comes from not being able to stand/sit for long periods of time, so I've loosened up my technique.

I also stumbled on a you tube video regarding art techniques, and it has me re-thinking some of my painting methods.


3 great tips were given:
Preserve Integrity of Brushstrokes
Be Authoritative (with your strokes)
Use More Paint

I am guilty of not doing all 3! And now it's got me thinking of my strokes and the amount of paint on the brush. And watching myself as I painted, I realized I am not very authoritative with my strokes - I tend to worry and second-guess my strokes.

So I have something new to experiment with - on the next painting!


Darel Javier said...

look good and nice! :)

Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Glad to hear you are recovering nicely and also have found time to paint. Your spools are nicely done, colors are vibrant and brush work does seem to be more loose. I like it. BTW, you aren't the only one who fails with the "three points" you mention. I struggle with them too. I'll check out your link.

CrimsonLeaves said...

You have so perfectly captured the glints of various colors that you can sometimes see in thread when the light hits it a certain way. I think this is fabulous and what a piece for someone who does a lot of sewing!

Nancy Goldman said...

Very nice. I really like the graphic quaility.s

Nan Johnson said...

Thank you everyone, so glad you like these. I did struggle with them a bit since I was painting "different" for me. But as Nancy mentioned, that graphic quality of mine still comes through - even with looser brushstrokes!


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