Sunday, September 25, 2011

Waterfront Property - SOLD

Acrylic on 9x12 canvas sheet
Available through DPW gallery/auction 

I did this as a birthday present for a very good friend of mine, only to discover that the size (12x6) is not available in ready made mats. I had wanted to give it to her, matted but not framed, but don't have the time available to wait for the custom mats. I will have to start doing my own matts, but again, a little short on time & didn't want my first cut mat to be done for a present. (my last cut mat was back in college!)


Ran to Michaels this morning and bought 4 6x6 gallery-wrapped square canvas's -- with 2 inch sides. And then, repainted the beach scene on the 4 canvas's. I had to extend the image to the right since I had the additional canvas pieces. Total size now is 24 x 6, and all sides on all canvas's are painted.

I am quite pleased with both renditions of this beach scene. I will give her the 4-part, which allows her to stand them, or frame them, or hang them unframed. I haven't done one of this style painting in a while -- I forgot how versatile they are. The 4 parts can be hung close together, like I show them, or evenly spaced apart as well. Since the scene continues on all 4 sides of each canvas, nothing will be look "unfinished" when it is hung.

Please excuse any glare on these photos - as I took the photos after the finish was applied. 

Since I am giving the 4-part version as a gift, the original 12 x6 version (which I think looks just as nice) will go up for sale on my DPW gallery. 


Virginia Floyd said...

Aren't you clever! I know your friend will love your gift. It's a beautiful scene. Well done!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh so beautiful indeed! Love both versions and the uniqueness of the 4! You always amaze, Nan, and I've loved watching you blossom through your blog!

padmaja said...

I loved both the versions but personally leaning more towards the 4 pieces .. they provide a greater panoramic view that is amazing!

Nancy Goldman said...

These are both so nice Nancie. I especially like how you painted the four canvases and the versatility that gives.


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